Tuesday, May 25, 2010

OK, so today's entry is on babydoll dresses. We all know what babydoll dresses are, right? Well just to be sure, they are known to have a high empire waist and a loose skirt and are soooo comfy and easy wearing for ANY shape or size. Very high in the cuteness factor. Women love them...men sometimes respond with "When's the baby due?" Hmmph, lol.

ANYWAYS, after buying and trying several babydoll dresses, I have to say I have my faves. Why? Well, quality of how the skirt fits and overall look, the length, and shape.

My picks for babydoll dresses at the moment are:

Juliet from Xstreetsl.com is a soft white flowy babydoll dress. Love it.

Beach babe from Rock Me Amadeus is another cute one..great color..good fit.

Try them with leggings or shorts underneath for a casual look ..or dress it up with tights or just a good pair of heels.

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Willow Markova

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