Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Feet

So you know there are alot of great shoes in SL.  Heels, flats, wedges, boots..the  list  goes on. But just  want  to be barefoot..on the beach, in a bikini, catching a wave...or  just lounging  at home. The problem with that is...SL  feet are (shhh) kinda  UGLY...  until  now!  I found  the  cutest bare feet at  a  very nice  shop called  YS & YS  - Your  Skin and  Your Shape. This shop has  an  array of  skins, shapes, eyes, shoes and jewels. I tried on a  demo of the  feet  first and  really liked them.  They have a HUD that gives you the option to adjust  the skin shade to match yours, several colors  of nail polish, and toe ring choices for both feet as well as ankle bracelets. I really like mine.  I don't think  I'll be wearing shoes  anytime soon.  Check out  YS & YS and be sure to take the time to try some demos. I think you'll be pleased.



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