Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New AO!

So, its a New Year and I've been looking around for a new AO...just needed a simple change....something different. I wandered through the usual places trying on countless stands, walks, sits, etc. Finally, I found DeminAtions. Hopped on the 'try me' stand on one called AnimeBabe and *biNGo*. Loved it. There are several AOs to choose from in the shop...all awesome in their own way but this one appealed to me personally. So I have it...and its great! Easy to operate. Nice HUD in the upper left hand corner where you can change your stands, sits, ground sits, and walks and it's pleasantly unobtrusive. The stands cycle through unless you choose otherwise, which is nice so you don't keep repeating yourself.  Check out DeminAtions Poses and Animations  at and
Happy 2011 to all!


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