Thursday, January 13, 2011

WEARABLE freebies : )

Freeeeeee...Ok,  free CAN  be a good thing. Not always,  but sometimes. I'm not big on  freebies  unless they  are know..the ones  you would actually take  from inventory and wear  somewhere?  Peny and I spent  hours  one  day this  week  looking for  some good  shop gifts/lucky letter boards (which are  awesome  if your  name  happens to begin with "V"  or  "X"  or  "U"   We  DID  manage  to find  some  cute  this entry pic... I'm  wearing :

And  It's  Love  Knit Mini -Dress Kyoot   Store Gift
Linda  Boots   Berries  Store Gift      
Winter Make Up    The  Dressing  Room
Shoulder Bag      The  Sweetest  Goodbye    

Have fun  shopping  for  wearable freebies...!   
 ♥ Willow

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