Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Always in search of something new~

That's  the fun thing about SL  shopping...there's always  something new. Peny and I are loving  the new tattoo make-ups,  the improved skin choices, and  always  the new clothes. So, the big thing this  week has  been  talk of the Skin Fair and the challenges of  actually getting IN!  After 4,421 tries,  I got in.  YAY. Scouted  out the new arrivals, the latest in make ups and took my demos  home to try. I have my PERSONAL fave..stay tuned for that....*grins*.

A few new things I picked up are shown below:


Earthstones Donut Earrings - Group Gift
HSH Venus Promo Gift@Skin Fair
Eye Candi Nail Polish-Fuscia 20L
Y&R Short Laced Skirt -  40L
JM Skin Animal Face- Free@Skin Fair
Peqe Messy Navaho Fuscia -Not free


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