Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lazy Sunday~

So~  just out and about today, making sure I'm  not missing  out on any good bargains.  It's Lazy Sunday, Project Themeory has its  items out , the  theme  being artsy craftsy, and I think  the  Dressing Room is updated with new things also! So many reasons to SHOP! Now, if  Peny would  just log in so we  could  go out and get into shopping mischief again!  :)

paper.doll Paintball Chic top   75L special for project themeory
paper.doll Stretch Cotton mini   75L special for project themeory
Addiction Delightful Dangle Earrings  Free 
MDL  Make Up                                       Free  Group Gift
Piddidle  Remember That I Love You Tattoo   Free Shop Gift


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