Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Grenade Free Wednesday for Feb 1

Lots of must haves at Jersey Shore's GFW this week..
all priced under 100L !
Have a look! 
♥Willow Markova

tp to Jersey Shore here
Tenjin Baroque Blossoms Tattoo  GFW
GFW ...::: AV!SAGE :::...ShoeBox Pumps *Gold - Black *  GFW
[Cynful] Lala's Shrug ~ (NOT GFW)
Flirt - New Eye Ink (NOT GFW)
KIM-Carmen Lingerie-Leopard Original (not GFW)

::Envyme:: GFW Skull Outfit  GFW
Flirt Blood Drop  (not GFW)

[Crash Republic] GFW Callies - lightblue   GFW
.:Aissence.: Animal Flare    GFW
*.JULYs.* Oops Sweater  (in black for  GFW )
  Phoebe ~ Pentacle Face Piercing   GFW
SSP Broken Heart pose GFW

*.JULYs.* Oops Sweater yellow (in black for  GFW )
  SSP Broken Heart pose set  GFW
  Kennedy's "Strap My Heart In" Shoes GFW
.:Aissence.: Animal Flare    GFW  

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