Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Grenade Free Wednesday for March 14

New items set out for this week's GFW
at the Jersey Shore!

 Willow Markova
[trs] Cozy Dress - White  (GFW)
Forever Young Hooka Platforms -pink zebra  (GFW)
Kennedy's "Clover Necklace & Bracelet" (GFW)
Shamrock Eye Makeup  *Eyelure* (Marketplace link here) (not GFW)
Izzie Tights (not GFW)

...::: AV!SAGE :::... Stud pumps   (GFW)
*EyeLure* WILDS Eyeshadow - Set of 6  (not GFW, Marketplace)
V&M Electric Emo Saggy Shorts (GFW)
.HW. BeatN Heartz -Necklace (GFW)

:Forever Young: Zebra Mini and Hooka Platforms (GFW)
WILDS Multi (green violet yellow)  *EyeLure* (not GFW, Marketplace Store)
.HW. BeatN Heartz (GFW)
FreakyDesign - Bunny Nom Purple flower  (GFW)

Links and TPs to the above:

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