Wednesday, June 2, 2010


A few tips on navagating around your inventory and keeping it in order.

Ok, so some will know the tips I'm going to pass on, some won't, some will have way more tips, so please feel free to post any hints you may have to make managing your inventory and more importantly your wardrobe.

So here goes...

1. When moving folders or any items you can open 2 inventory windows and moving them side by side makes it easier moving folders/ items about.

Inventory > File > New Window

2. When you do a search for an item nearly all your folders open, to close them all in one hit.....

Inventory > File > Close All Folders

3. Making notecards so you dont need to drag them into another folder, you can hit the folder you want the notecard in and hit new notecard.

Inventory > Choose Folder > Right Click > New Note

4. Don't forget to folder and make sub folders for your clothes, hair and shoes

Folder > Sub Folder
shoes > Heels

Happy sorting :)

Peny Rexen

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