Tuesday, June 1, 2010

MMmm. Summertime, ice tea, someone you *love* to be with, and an awesome hammock to while away the hours in....

Hammocks in SL can be dreamy. If you're in need of some virtual relaxation, you may want to check out a few. Keep in mind, these are mainly couples hammocks but do supply some friends and single animations as well.

Neptune's Kiss has a hammock called "Arbor Amore" ~ 8 couples poses and a single. You can buy a matching arbor to go over it and create a nice little niche to cuddle. Comes in a few basic colors.

My top choice is the HD Double Hammock Deluxe from the vivico shop~ See the picture..it's two hammocks, side-by-side for couples or a single..very sweet animations. A little pricey, but so worth it.

There's many hammocks in SL..... Find one that suits you, drop a fire bowl or a few tiki torches with it...and enjoy~

Willow Markova

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