Sunday, January 30, 2011

Love Ever After~

Love ever  cute is that! I found  that daybed set  today on my Lazy Sunday rounds.  Hunts are  fun...running around finding things but I must say I DO love the daily specials equally  as  well.  My faves  being  Fifty Linden Fridays, Super Bargain Saturday,  Lazy Sunday and Project Themeory.  It's  a good idea to join the group in order to get the notecard with the landmarks each week and any other info they want to send you.  I make  sure I hit all the LMs,  and pick  up any finds that I need at such a great price.  They all are less than 100L and you don't  have to actually hunt for them since they are placed in the front of the shop.  :)

Pictured  above:
LAZY SUNDAY DEAL :  Love Ever After Bedroom set -  BUTTONS  75L
LAZY SUNDAY DEAL :  Leather Skirt and Hoodie -  CYNFUL 75L
FREE  STORE OPENING GIFT :  Laurel  Blush Cupcake  Make-up ADAM  N   EVE
FREE STORE POINTS GIFT :   Smiley Face Pierced  Earrings-  U&RDOGS

Have fun~  WILLOW

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