Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Learn you inside out~

Music has the ability to move people.  Lyrics can be universal...they have a way of touching so many.  I love this band, this song, these lyrics.

See my feet on the ground
But it feels like the world's gravity drowned
When I'm with you I'm high

Instead of hiding my face
My minds in your eyes
Can your love embrace
Me as I am

 Great new tops from GLUE INK....lots of nice colors with the black and my fave skinny jeans to go with.  Awesome NARDCOTIX Vixie Flat Sandals with HUD for changing your pedicure color to match your outfit. LoVe those

Glue Ink Skinny Jeans in Grey
Glue Ink  New Bubsy Top Yellow Dots
Nardcotix Vixie Flat Sandals in Black
No 116 BW Earrings


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