Monday, March 14, 2011

Put A little GLOW in yr LIFE!

Don't we all have that one shop where we love everything but it's just not right on us!... My store is Maitreya Hair.. something was just not right...untill... I messed around with GLOW   so im kinda fussy when it comes to hair and I love all the new styles but it to me the blondes just looked dare I say it DULL.. so I edited it and made it 0.01 glow.. the smallest setting you can go.. I look like an angel :)

Also if yr on Pheonix in the bottom right corner there its some arrows the first one opens up a small window.. play with the 'sky setting' there are heaps and they can make or break yr new look. We love Nam's Optimal skin 2 and AnaLu Studio 5.. wish these were the default settings , so not fair everyone else see's us in DIM light!

Dont forget part 2 of the Euporia Hunt is on.. there are some fab prizes including this T I'm wearing that comes in 3 cool colours!

PINKINNIK has a new skin out on their 3 lucky letter boards.. its kinda funky and easy to add tattoo make up, I'm wearing AtomicBambi - Sabrina Lip in flush that was a past hunt gift.

  New Jersey Shore sim has just opened and it's full of our favourite shops where I picked up these freebie black jeans at the door in Cool Beans

SKIN: PINKINNIK  Ria - freebie
HAIR: Maitreya Blondes pack... 'Green' (not free)
MAKE UP: AtomicBambi
T SHIRT: Fishy Strawberry hunt gift on now
JEANS: Cool Beans freebie gift
SHOES: Reaction surf  flip flops/ thongs!!!
NAILS: Eye Candi on sale 5L each colour

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